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  K n o w z N e t™

  K n o w z N e t™

8-sensor any gas detection system with
master relay & optional zone relays.

Price range: $713 to $941 (Panel only)

Heads: $82 to $283 depending on type

Add panel(s) and head(s) to cart via respective part number generators.
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Our on-line question-and-answer part number generator simplifies the selection of product options. A link to the part number generator is in the Product Links section above.

Target Gas and Alarm Level(s)

Panels are factory-configured based on user-specified sensor type(s) and alarm levels. Please use the part number generator to specify target gases and action levels.

Panel ports are also user-configurable via the panel's menu system or via the NeoPort™ PC program.

Please refer to the KnowzNet User Manual for an overview of user-configurable options.

Zone Relay Option

Panels include a master (all zone) relay as a standard item. The panel can be additionally outfitted with relays specific to each zone (sensor port). These zone relays can be user-configured for normally-open or normally-closed operation; they can be configured to latch (requiring manual reset) or to be auto-resetting (self-clearing).

1. Zone relays not required [Z0]
2. Zone relays installed [Z1]

  Powering Options

1. 12-14 VDC [I1]
2. 12-40 VDC [I2]
3. 12-60 VDC [I3]

Back-up Battery

1. No battery back-up [B0]
2. 2-hour back-up [B2]
3. 4-hour back-up [B4]
4. 8-hour back-up [B8]

Sensor Port Interface Connectors

1. RJ-11 (6-4) telephony jacks [K1]
2. 3.5mm terminal blocks [K2]
3. Hirsose 2mm headers [K3]

Custom connectors & harnesses are available with nominal NRE. Please call or email to discuss custom requirements.

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