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  K n o w z N e t™

  K n o w z N e t™

8-sensor any gas detection system with
master relay & optional zone relays.

Price range: $713 to $941 (Panel only)

Heads: $82 to $283 depending on type

Add panel(s) and head(s) to cart via respective part number generators.
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> Datasheet (PDF)
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> HEADS Part No. Gen.
> Gallery


Full details including operational description, user instructions, specifications, ordering options, and mechanical disagrams are available in the product datasheet (see Product Links).

Mix-and-match sensor heads

  • Wide selection of sensor heads including:

  •     - Combustibles (fuels, solvents, etc.)
        - PPM monitoring of toxic gases
        - Sensing of refrigerant gases
        - %vol measurement of oxygen, helium
  • Ports compatible other Neodym detectors

  • Real-time monitoring and control

  • Sensors polled continuously for alarms/errors
  • Sensor response times 10-30 secs. typical
  • Audio/visual/relay alerts upon any alarm
  • Peak register for each sensor
  • Alarm time/date/level stored in memory
  • Dual dry relay contacts switch external loads
  • Zone relays avail. for security system wiring

  • Easy to install and hook-up

  • Panel hang-mounted or recess-mounted
  • Sensors are factory pre-calibrated
  • Snap-connect with RJ-11 (telephony) plugs
  • Terminal blocks/crimp sockets optional
  • Easy assimilation into structured wiring

  •   Simplified panel operator interface

  • Dual-color LED for each zone:

  •     - Steady Green: Okay
        - Steady Red: Alarm
        - Green Blink: User accessing menu
        - Red blink: sensor error/failure
  • English menu system via 2-line LCD
  • Control via Up/Down/Select/Clear buttons

  • Powering flexibility

  • Sensors powered centrally via their cables
  • 12VDC panel powering for vehicular use
  • Up to 60VDC operation available
  • 110VAC adapter included (N. America only)
  • Spare power jack for redundant powering
  • 2-, 4- or 8-hour battery back-up available

  • Simple to maintain and service

  • Digital sensor zeroing via panel or PC
  • Zero sensors in clean air with button/mouse
  • Span sensors in cal. gas by correcting reading
  • 2 to 5 years typical sensor lifetime
  • Panel firmware field-upgradeable (serial port)
  • Durable anodized aluminum enclosures

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