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  E v a l u a t i o n     K i t s

E v a l u a t i o n     K i t s

Windows™ PC serial port access for:

  • HydroKnowz™
  • ProtiSen™
  • PowerKnowz™
  • MiniKnowz™
  • Panterra

  • Kits starting from $188

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    > Pricing & Ordering

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    > PK-Port™ scrn. caps.


    Basic operation permits real-time monitoring of gas concentration and device states, as well as charting (up to 500 points) and data logging to a disk file. Data capture sampling intervals can range from 5 to 60 seconds. Data logging permits capture of concentration, sensor signal, temperature, and time/date with user-specified data delimiter for export to Excel, etc.

    PK-Port Basic

    PK-Port Chart

    PK-Port Log File

    Advanced mode permits access to device settings and calibration values. Users may use these functions to re-span the sensor, inspect/alter (EG) relay functionality, reset the overexposure detection flag, etc.

    Note: Improper use of the PK_Port™ advanced mode can lead to impaired detector operation. If in doubt about the ramifications of an operation, please contact Neodym.

    PK-Port Advanced

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