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  P r o t i S e n ™

  P r o t i S e n ™

Catalytic hydrogen sensing module.

   $151 to $179 depending on options

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The most commonly selected options have been checked as defaults. If your preferred configuration is not selectable below, then please contact Neodym.

Target Gas

   Hydrogen (in air)   

Alarm Concentation (PPM)

   PPM     Recommended alarm concentrations:

  Hydrogen: 2000 to 10000 (5% to 25% LEL), 20000 ppm max. alarm  

Warning Concentation (PPM)

   PPM   (1000 to 20000, less than or equal to alarm, 0=no Warning State)

Output Signal Type and Action

   0-3 VDC (500mV offset, 250 steps of 11.73mV each, one step per 200 ppm)

   Voltage encoded state (0.5V normal, 1.25V warning, 2.00V alarm, 0V/2.75V error)

   TTL (Max 0.2V "low", min. 2V "high", select type below)

  Select TTL type:
  TTL, Normally-High, Auto reset
  TTL, Normally-Low, Auto reset
  TTL, Normally-High, Latching
  TTL, Normally-Low, Latching

   Open drain (2A/60V, select type below)

  Select Open Drain type:
  Open Drain, Normally-on, Auto reset
  Open Drain, Normally-off, Auto reset
  Open Drain, Normally-on, Latching
  Open Drain, Normally-off, Latching

If TTL/Open Drain output, signal is triggered by: Warning State and/or Alarm State

Error Handling

If sensor fails or operating temperature is out of bounds, signal this by:

   Using Error state     Converting Error state to Alarm state (fail safe)

Input Power Supply

   3 VDC (regulated +/- 3%)     5 - 16 VDC    

Interface Harness

   Include Molex 15cm color-coded wire interface harness

AC/DC Power Suppy

   Include 110VAC-to-9VDC power supply (2m cord)

Production of this model has been suspended due to parts supply issues. Please accept our apologies.


  PS Gx Annnx Wnnnx On Tn En In Jn Zn  
Field: -1- -2- --3-- --4-- -5- -6- -7- -8- -9- -10-  

 1: ProtiSen™ product family identifier

 2: Target Gas. X = H(ydrogen)

 3: Alarm Level. nnn = concentration code. (code = Alarm PPM / 200 PPM)

     Alarm Action. x: A = trigger nothing. C = trigger TTL/Open Drain

 4: Warning Level. nnn = concentration code. (code = Warning PPM / 200 PPM)

     Warning Action. x: A = trigger nothing. B = trigger TTL/Open Drain

 5: Output Signal Type.

     1 = TTL/Open Drain norm-hi/on, auto reset.
     2 = TTL/Open Drain norm-low/off, auto reset.
     3 = TTL/Open Drain norm-hi/on, latching.
     4 = TTL/Open Drain norm-low/off, latching.
     5 = 0-3VDC proportional (analog).
     6 = Voltage-encoded state (step analog).

 6: Binary signal type. 0 = n/a. 1 = TTL. 2 = Open drain.

 7: Error Handling. 1 = Error state. 2 = Errors trigger alarm.

 8: Input Power Supply Range. 1 = 3VDC. 2 = 5-16VDC

 9: Interface harness. 0 = none. 1 = Harness included.

10: AC/DC power supply. 0 = none. 1 = 110VAC-to-9VDC adapter.

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